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Acacia caven
Nombre inglés:Roman Cassie/Aromita/Aromo Criollo

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This is a small tree or shrub, quite common in Chile. It is easy to germinate and easy grow, it grows quite fast, reaching almost 2 m. by the end of the second year. It is not demanding in as far as soil is concerned, and requires little watering. It is not very hardy, but can withstand freezing spells.
The cultivation is rather straightforward, but bear in mind that the seeds must be scarified chemically or mechanically, otherwise the germination is very lengthy.
This species has many uses. It is a source of food for bees, the wood is used for making charcoal or simply as firewood, and since the wood is very resistant to rotting, the locals prefer it as posts for fences. It had in the past use for manufacturing leather (as tanning agent), and also because of its scent it may have uses in perfume industry. It is said to has some medicinal properties, its seeds can be toasted and used a coffee replacement, having digestive and stimulating effect. Accoridng to Juan Zin, the cooked bark applied superficially can heal soars and wounds.