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Alstroemeria aurea
English Name:Inca Lily

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These seeds are generally restocked in: March

Seeds packet:

packetUS$ 4

One packet contains at least 35 seeds.

Another interesting Alstroemeria. It is one of the first to be taken out of Chile for propagation and it served as a genetic pool for creating new vaireties. It is rather high (reaching up to 1 m), so it is best suited for outdoor growing. Not very demanding, but still you need to provide good watering and good, rich soil. Snow-hardy and can resist frost down to -15? C.
This species needs cold stratification. To increase the germination rate it may help to alternate cold and warm temperatures. It needs rich, acid soils, for example, 1/3 of humus, 1/3 of acid soil (as sold), 1/3 of sand or perlite for drainage.