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Nertera granadensis
Englisher Name:coral bead plant/pin-cushion plant/bead plant

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This is an extremely beautiful perennial plant, very ornamental due to the red berries which persist for long time on the plant. It is especially well suited for indoor cultivation, but for wet, cool, and foggy areas it can be perfectly well kept outdoors, as a mat-forming plant.
This plant is relatively difficult to maintain, since it requires cool temperatures, good, but not excessive humidity (in natural habitat it tolerates well very humid conditions, but not so in pot cultivation), no sunlight. It is also important to let the plant undergo cold rest during winter, lowering the temperature to about +5?C for several weeks. However, this plant does not tolerate well prolonged freezing. The seeds should be sown in spring superficially in a rather acid substrate with good drainage, covered just a bit by substrate. Cold stratification is not necessary. Because of the delicate nature of this plant it is often cultivated as an annual, although if you can provide adequate conditions, it can survive well .
It is a very beautiful, decorative plant.