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Astragalus cruckshanksii

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Estas semillas generalmente se recolectan en: marzo

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Despite the fact that this is a common plant in Chile, it is truly attractive: it has a very sweet scent, and when the plant finds adequate habitats, it tends to form blue-violet carpets which can rival color of the sky.
The germination of seeds is easy provided that you break the outer protective skin of the seed. For just a few seeds use a nail-clipper or a file (you have just to scratch the surface, taking off maybe a flake). For larger batches you can use sulphuric acid or mecahnical scarificators (please see specialized literature before attempting this, as use of concentrated acid is very dangerous). Soak the scarred seeds in water for about 24 hours. They should visiblly swell up. If not, yo have not scratched them sufficently. Plant immediately, and the seeds should germinate quickly. Needs good watering, exposure to sun, and average soil with good drainage (not too rich and not too poor in organic matter) with good drainage.