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Alstroemeria ligtu ssp. simsii
English Name:Inca Lily

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These seeds are generally restocked in: December

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One packet contains at least 35 seeds.

This Alstoemeria grows in the more warmer areas, where freezing may occur in winter, but where there is generally now snow. It is a huge plant, one of the tallest Alstroemerias in Chile (may reach more than 120 cm"), and is very robust. One inflorescense may have up to 25 fiery flowers. Needs moderate watering and poor soil.
The easiest form to germinate this species is to plant it in autumn and expose the seeds to natural temperature fluctuations. If you decide to do it "scientifically," soak the seeds for a day or so in water, then put them into wet sand and put them into refrigerator at about +2 +5? C for about 30 days. Allow the seeds to breathe (ventilate from time to time) and check the humidity of the sand (it tends to dry out quickly, so adding moisture every three-four days is a must). Then take them out and plant at room temperatures. If not all seeds or few seeds germinate, repeat the cold step once more. This plant needs good drainage and relatively poor soil.