Hline By Names Hline

Latin Name: 2164 Recs.

Latin Name+without ID: 2644 Recs.

Spanish Name: 3090 Recs.

Family+Latin Name: 2398 Recs.

Orden+Family+Latin Name: 2398 Recs.

Hline Cultivation Related Hline

Ornamental: 933 Recs

Hardy Plants : 437 Recs.

Drought-resistent Plants 375 Recs.

Water-loving plants: 227 Recs.

Shadow-loving plants: 422 Recs.

Sun-loving plants: 1530 Recs.

Hline Life Forms Hline

Climbers: 68 Recs.

Pigmy Plants: 628 Recs.

Shrubs: 317 Recs.

Trees: 108 Recs.

Bulb plants: 67 Recs.

Hline Regional Hline

Plants by Region: 6595 Recs.

Endemic Plants by Region: 1487 Recs.

Very Frequent Plants by Region: 1086 Recs.

Rare Plants: 127 Recs.

Foreign Plants: 190 Recs.

Plants by Region+Elevation: 15257 Recs.

Northern Plants: 1207 Recs.

Plants from Central Chile: 745 Recs.

Plants from South: 1038 Recs.

Plants from Extreme South: 441 Recs.

Hline Useful Plants Hline

Edible Plants: 122 Recs.

Medicinal Plants: 202 Recs.

Poisonous Plants: 34 Recs.

Timber: 36 Recs.

Useful Plants: 34 Recs.

Weeds: 81 Recs.

Hline Special habitats Hline

High Andean Plants: 595 Recs.

Desert Plants: 375 Recs.

Fog Desert Plants: 212 Recs.

Hline Identification Keys Hline

Plants by Life Form+Flower+Size: 3098 Recs.

Plants by Flower+Life form+Size: 3098 Recs.

Hline Keys by Region Hline

Key for Plants from 1st Region: 699 Recs.

Key for Plants from 2d Region: 978 Recs.

Key for Plants from 3d Region: 1076 Recs.

Key for Plants from 4th Region: 1877 Recs.

Key for Plants from 5th Region: 1888 Recs.

Key for Plants from Santiago Region: 2205 Recs.

Key for Plants from 6th Region: 2095 Recs.

Key for Plants from 7th Region: 2620 Recs.

Key for Plants from 8th Region: 2097 Recs.

Key for Plants from 9th Region: 1617 Recs.

Key for Plants from 10th Region: 1391 Recs.

Key for Plants from 11th Region: 752 Recs.

Key for Plants from 12th Region: 593 Recs.

Hline Complete Indexes Hline

Plants by Hardiness: 2650 Recs.

Plants by Light: 3260 Recs.

Plants by Humidity: 3325 Recs.

Plants by Elevation: 4516 Recs.

Hline Selected Families Hline

Cacti: 66 Recs.

Orchids: 31 Recs.

Calceolarias: 40 Recs.

Alstroemerias: 44 Recs.

Iridaceae: 30 Recs.

Bromeliaceae: 22 Recs.


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