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Lardizabala biternata
English Name:Zabala Fruit

Here you can see complete record with all information available about this species from our data base.
Because these seeds can not be stored for long times (they are recalcitrant), these seeds are available only during the following period: March-June
These seeds are generally restocked in: March
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Seeds packet:

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One packet contains at least 22 seeds.

This plant is little known outside Chile, although many locals crave for its sweet fruits.
It is somewhat easier to cultivate than Bell flower (Lapageria rosea), although their habitats are more or less similar. Lardizabala is somewhat more tolerant to sunlight and does not require such acid soil as Lapageria rosea. To obtain good results you need fresh seeds and cold stratification (soak the seeds for one day in water, then put them into wet sand and put them into refrigerator at about +2 +5? C for about 30 days. Allow the seeds to breathe (ventilate from time to time) and check the humidity of the sand (it tends to dry out quickly, so adding moisture every three-four days is a must)