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Echinopsis chiloensis

Here you can see complete record with all information available about this species from our data base.
These seeds are generally restocked in: January

Seeds packet:

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One packet contains at least 200 seeds.

This is one of the most common cacti in Chile. It is a kind of trademark of the areas around the capital city, Santiago. This cactus is very easiy to propagate. In its natural habitat it is a huge plant, reaching more than 8 m.; however, do not expect rapid growth, since it will take several years until you will see the first flowers. During the first couple of years the grows is very slow, and then it will start to accelerate. Once it starts blooming, you will have beatiful, big white flowers and edible fruits. Another advanatage of this cactus is that it tolerates freezing and occasional snow fall, something only a few cacti can withstand.