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Acaena caespitosa

Here you can see complete record with all information available about this species from our data base.
These seeds are generally restocked in: March

Seeds packet:

packetUS$ 5

One packet contains at least 30 seeds.

This plant is common at medium elevations in central Chile and is easy to grow. Of the acaenas, it is not very known, but I find it very much attractive due to its small, compact leaves which form a carpet, small, almost pigmy size which would fit almost anyplace, and the fruits do not have the thorns of the other, more aggressive acaenas. The plant requires poor, sandy soil with good drainage. It routinely withstands cold winters with snow, so hardiness is not a problem. The seeds are easy to germinate using the standard procedure of cold stratification. Please note that we sell "fruits" from which we do not extract the seeds.