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Animals also live here... 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

Will You Feed Me?:In tourist spots, like here in Pan de Azucar, the foxes are used (and expect)  to be fed by the visitors...An image of four guanacos grazing on the slopes, with the Salar of Pedernales and Cerro La Nuez behind, Chile.A pair of flying flamingoes near Salar de Maricunga.Crab:Some areas in Chile have tropical-looking beaches, but the water is hardly over 20š C.Pelican Island:Islands off the coast are heaven for birdlife. This place is about 30 km. north of Tal-tal.
Caterpillar at work:An image of a running guanaco, with a small lake and Altiplano scenery behind, in Salar de Tara, Chile.Parrots:In some places, the loud swarms of these birds dominate the silence of the Andes.A close-up image of a bee pollinating a flower in Santiago, Chile.Spider:Perfectly blended with its surrounding...
Bird:Ņandu:South American ostrich. They live from Patagonia to Atacama and reach altitudes well over 4000 m... on feet obviously.Some bug:Vicuņa:Endangered species, similar to Guanaco, but more slender. It was in very high demand for its fleece.Insect on a Ņirre Tree: