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The Other Side of the Coin: Destruction. 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

An image of poles and fences on the Pacific coast near Duao.An image of Arauco Plant.An image of two dead Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides)An image of a dead Alerce.An image of field with planted trees
An image ofAn image of an Adobe House with a ManIn Search of Green Pastures:Local herdsmen look for summer pastures (veranadas). It is late December, but the snow is still waist-deep in some places. But they hurry to let the cattle and horses to do the dirty job of killing plants.Self destruction of humankind:View of a valley covered with smoke, from Peine, Lircay, Vilches, Chile.
Just Stupid Custom:Chilean custom of burning the fields after harvest... At least they usually do it where there is no native vegetation left. Sometimes the surrounding vegetation catches fire...An image of a grazing horse at Los VilosArmy on the Move:Cows move out to decimate the plantsIt is all about energy...:A thermoelectric plant near Paposo... Just to the right of the plant is an ancient cemetery of the Chango Indians... But who cares?Water theft:Water of the local Indians, water of the plants is being diverted for industrial use in Calama.