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Ash World. 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

Image of a bridge on the road towards Pehuenche Pass, Colbun, Talca, Chile.Image of the road towards the Pehuenche Pass and Laguna Maule.Image of a green coast of Laguna Maule (Maule Lake).Image of a small, winding river flowing into the Laguna Maule, Chile.Image of volcanic ash slopes and the shore of Laguna Maule, with some green grass in foreground.
Image of mountain slope and Laguna Maule.Image of a road going down from Pehuenche Pass to Chile, near Laguna Maule.Image of Cerro Castillo, near the Pehuenche Pass and Laguna Maule, at the border with Argentina.Image of Naussavia plants in the foreground, with volcanic-ash slopes partially covered by snow, Laguna Maule.View of Laguna Maule, with grass-covered slope in the foreground.
View of Laguna Maule, with some snow-covered slopes in the foreground.Campanario:A lone recreational fisherman is sitting and waiting for fish to bite at Laguna Maule.Mimulus Greeting:An image of Rio Maule Valley at sunset, with the international road (leading from Talca to Pehuenche Pass) to the left and the river in the center, Chile.