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Dream Machine. 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

On a field near Laguna Maule:The joy ride...:Driving on a field like this is like riding a galloping horse... The only difference that you make at most 2 km. per hour.Antillanca:That is almost too trite...Cold Jungle:Yeah, there are places like this as well.Railroad:Railroad are also roads...
Somewhere above Laguna Maule:I do not like horizontal positions.Behind - 6300 m. high Las Tortolas Peak:The car is only at 4100 m.Paso Pehuenche:A Jeep is a vehicle which will definitively get stuck in a place to which others will not make it.Paso Pehuenche:Another view of the same problem.Paso Vergara:I really do not like horizontals.
Paso Vergara:No tricks on that one... it is 45Stuck:I did not make across... But I had the pleasure of digging out for 6 hours... with a broken clutch!Sunset in the desert:Good time for filling up...Sunset:And then taking a publicity pictureAltitude 5100 m and descending...: