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Salt Lakes of Atacama. 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

An image of Road near Salar de Aguas Calientes.Water Roads in Salt:An image of OllagŁe with Road, Railroad, and a Gate.On The Road:On the road. On one of the highest paved roads on earth. Just coming down from 4850 m. high pass...An image of a road running through the Ascotan Salt Lake.
Islands of Survival:Evening on a Salt Lake::Bus stop?!:...at  4200 m. And not a single person or house in sight.Volcanoes and Cacti:with Salt Lakes in-between
The Eternity:Timeless Frozen GooseGrowing in Salt:Sarcocornia pulvinataAn image of Salar de Aguas Calientes.Dwarf Beauty:Baccharis acaulis struggling through the salt crystals.Someone stayed here for ever:Animitas - Dwelling of the Dead: These are put up where someone lost his life, usually in a car accident.