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Santiago de Chile - Eternal Journey Around the City. 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

An image of Santiago covered by smog, as seen from Farellones.An image of Punta de Damas, a mountain of 3150 m, just on the outskirts of Santiago.An image of Punta de Damas, a mountain of 3150 m.An image of SantiagoAn image of a snow-covered mountain field, with large rocks, with Santiago below.
Running water:Breathtaking scenery close to Santiago:Baņos MoralesAn image of an iron cross at Lagunillas, Chile.An image of a small waterfall with a stone in the foreground, in the Yerba Loca valley, Chile.An image of a wooden window frame through which an iron bridge and snow-covered mountains can be seen, in the vicinity of Baņos Morales and Baņos de la Colina.
An image of San Franscisco Lake at La Parva (close to False La Parva peak) with clouds.An image of a house covered by snow on a slope and a barren tree, on a sunny winter day, Farellones, Chile.An image of a bent iron post near Portillo, Chile.An image of a horse grazing on a small field in Santiago.