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Sur de Chile: Espíritus, verde y agua. 2005-2009 © Michail Belov

Image of a ghostly, abandoned autumn road in the evening.Image of an old wooden house.Image of sunset on the Riñihue lake.Image of a tree.Image of a wooden fence and green lawn near Coñaripe.
Image of mountain slopes covered with snow at Volcan Llaima.Image of Monkey tree (Araucaria araucana) stems.Image of a wooden branch protruding from water, Caburga lake.Image of a dying, old tree on the shore of Caburga lake, Chile.Image of a solitary tree on the shore of Calafquen lake.
Image of wooden benches on shore of  Calafquen lake.Image of a traditional wooden church behind locked wooden gate near Coñaripe, Chile.image of a high waterfall with a rainbow near Reigolil, Chile.Image of a shoreline of a lake on a very calm morning, with a couple of trees.Image of a row of trees with yellow autumn leaves in a field and mountain in the rear.