In this section we will present new articles about Chilean Flora, on how to grow the Chilean plants, and also articles about traveling and observation of flora in field.


Introduction to Chilean Flora

This is a general introduction about the Chilean Flora, its potential uses, points of interest, and an overview of some interesting families.

The desert that did not bloom

Some thoughts about the absence of blooming desert.

Manual for germinating seeds of Chilean Plants

Technical aspects to bear in mind when trying to grow Chilean plants.

New Series of Travel Articles Presenting Chilean Flora: The articles are sorted by the location, from north to south.

II Region: El Medano, Lower Section

A short trip to a valley with rare plants (altitude 200-500 m.).

II Region: El Medano, Upper Section

A trip to the past - a place of worship for the Chango Indians, and a fewe plants along the way (1300-2000 m).

II Region: Flora of Paposo

Paposo Village is famous for its desert flora which is sustained by condensation from fog.

III Region: Inca de Oro Area

Visit to two oasis in the northern desert located at medium altitude (1500-2500 m.).

III Region: Llanos de Challe National Park

Coastal Desert Flora.

III Region: Upper Reaches of Huasco Valley

Visit to Indian communities and the controversy about Pascua-Lama mining project, together with medium altitude northern flora.

IV Region: Las Hediondas Hot Springs

Trip to the extreme altitudes (4200 m.). More scenic than plants.

IV Region: Paso de Agua Negra Area

Trip to the extreme altitudes (4500 m.). More scenic than plants.

IV Region: Las Chinchillas National Reservation

Short article on the flora of a lowland protected area where the chinchillas live.

Santiago: Termas del Plomo

High Andean Flora (2800-3200 m.) around Santiago.

Santiago: Embalse Yeso

Andean Flora (1500-2600 m.) around Santiago.

Santiago: El Morado

Andean Flora (1800-2200 m.) of a Glacier Valley.

VII Region: Laguna del Maule Lake

Extremely varied High Andean Flora.

VII Region: Cari-Launa Lake

Rather extreme off-roading trip, few plants.

VII Region: Vilches Area

Trekking trip to Vilches, both scenic and flora, forests and High Andean vegetation.

IX Region: Conguilillo National Park

Vegetation of Nothofagus and Araucaria forests, as well as High Andean flora (600 - 1800 m.).

IX Region: The Colico and Caburga Lake Area

Flora of interior valleys, low altitudes.

IX Region: Huerquehue National Park

Trekking trip.

X Region: Mocho-Choshuenco

Visit to volcano, (200 -1300 m.).

X Region: Jungle Adventure at Roaring Forties

Description of a trip to Coastal Cold Jungle at Hueicolla.