Image of Tetragonia pedunculata (Pasto guanoso / Aguanosa / Escarcha). Click to enlarge parts of image.

Image of Tetragonia pedunculata

III Region, Huasco, Chile
Altitude: 50 m. 11 19, 2008



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Species:  Tetragonia pedunculata Phil.
Family:  Aizoaceae Identification OK   
Chilean Name:  Pasto guanoso , Aguanosa , Escarcha
English Name: 
German Name: 
Russian Name: 
Record:  1202
About 9 Tetragonia in Chile and 4 in our data base.
About 13 Aizoaceae in Chile and 6 in our data base.


1st Region:
Lat: 18° - 21°
Main Cities: Arica, Iquique.
2d Region:
Lat: 21° - 26°
Main Cities: Antofagasta, Calama.
3d Region:
Lat: 26° - 29°
Main Cities: Copiapó, Vallenar.
4th Region:
Lat: 29° - 32°
Main Cities: La Serena, Ovalle.
5th Region:
Lat: 32° - 33°
Main Cities: Valparaiso, Los Andes.
Metropolitan Region:
Lat: 33°- 34°
Main Cities: Santiago.
6th Region:
Lat: 34° - 35°
Main Cities: Rancagua.
7th Region:
Lat: 35° - 36°
Main Cities: Talca, Curicó.
8th Region:
Lat: 36° - 38°
Main Cities: Concepción, Chillan, Los Angeles.
9th Region:
Lat: 38° - 39°
Main Cities: Temuco, Villarrica, Pucón.
10th Region:
Lat: 39° - 44°
Main Cities: Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt.
11th Region:
Lat: 44° - 49°
Main Cities: Coihaique.
12th Region:
Lat 49°- 55°
Main Cities: Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Puerto Williams.
USDA Hardiness Zone 10 and 11. The plant does not tolerate freezing.     Exposed, but with protection from direct sun through coastal fog (camanchaca).     Coastal fog/camanchaca: The plants obtain water mainly from condensation.   
Coastal areas, 0 - 500 m
Yellow, 4 petals      Annual     


Height: 20 cm.

No ornamental value (C)

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Plant type: Annual

Flower: Yellow, 4 petals

Height: 20 cm.



In Chile this species grows in the following environmental conditions:


Habitat according to altitude:

Coastal areas, 0 - 500 m


Watering conditions:

Coastal fog/camanchaca: The plants obtain water mainly from condensation.


Light conditions:

Exposed, but with protection from direct sun through coastal fog (camanchaca).



No ornamental value (C)







This species has the following hardiness:

USDA Hardiness Zone 10 and 11. The plant does not tolerate freezing.








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Tetragonia pedunculata (Pasto guanoso / Aguanosa / Escarcha)


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