We do not ship to countries which routinely kill
children, journalists, and commit War Crimes:
this explicitly includes ISRAEL
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ChileFlora.com is your window to the world of the native Chilean plants and to their seeds. It provides you with the opportunity to learn about the Chilean plants, their nutritional and medicinal properties, identify them, and to purchase seeds.

Here you will find articles about the Chilean flora. Additionally, we present several galleries of images of the Chilean landscapes, in the belief that in order to understand fully the world of the Chilean plants you have to get a feeling for the environment in which they live. In the same section you will soon find descriptions of the different habitats in Chile.

The heart of our page is a database and on-line herbarium of live plants with the descriptions, uses, growing tips, and photos of many native Chilean plants - currently we present more than 2202 species with over 20353 photos, and soon we will make available much more from our internal data base with over 38000 photos and 2500 species! This is a long-term project and we hope eventually to cover most species of the Chilean flora (about 5000 species). You can also browse our database by means of Text Indexes.

Finally, we sell 700 species of Chilean native plants in our Seeds Shop.

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A short film

Last year it has rained and rained in the northern parts of Chile, so that the desert had to wake up for a couple of months and show all its beauty...

See a film about the Blooming Chilean Desert Film about the blooming desert (High Resolution, 16 MB)

(Low resolution, 4 MB)

For the time being without sound.


Political Statement...

Botany is probably the least politically engaged discipline.

Hower, political inaction brought about the rise of Nazis in Germany and resulted in WWII and loss of dozens of millions of innocent lives and in holocaust where more than 6 million Jews perished.

We feel that we are morally obliged to take a firm stand in 2023 against cancerous growths which are on the rise again in the modern world.

One of these is the ISRAELI APARTHEID.

Did you know that:

- more than 2500 Palestinian children were shot and killed by israeli forces since 2000 and in 2022 alone at least 34 Palestinian children were killed?

- israeli forces routinely destroy houses of Palestinians, bulldozing them down or just use missiles?

- israeli forces kill journalists which report about the Palestian conflict?

- israeli forces routinely use arbitrary "administrative detention" on Palestinians (like human-rights lawyeres) where a person is imprisoned without charges for months?

- ISRAEL is committing a crime against humanity of apartheid under the Apartheid Convention? (This is not only our view, but also that of Amnesty International)

So... We do not ship to countries which routinely kill children, journalists, and commit War Crimes: this explicitly includes ISRAEL.

And we also plead with our customers and visitors of our website to take a proactive position and stop dealing with countries which commit crimes against humanity, commit war crimes, and kill innocent children.

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Every time you will enter this page, we will show you a new species of a Chilean plant

Photograph of Eccremocarpus scaber

Photograph of Eccremocarpus scaber

See full record of this plant...

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Important Information about our Seeds Supply...

During the last three years our ability to do provide seeds was heavily curtailed by Covid epidemics, because Chile, being a responsible country, implemented movement restrictions. Also, shipping channels were also heavily affected.

We also often did not provide the best client service, to tell the truth, so that often emails were not answered in a timely manner, and our shipping was reduced to one per month.

It is only now from this year that the situation is finally improving, and we decided to resume our activities related to Chilean flora and seeds.

Notably we have collected already about 150 species, and we plan to continue to collect more later during the season.

We also have not changed our prices during the last 16 years. The inflation made enormous strides during this time.

Shortly, from 25th of December 2022, we will raise the prices for our seeds; we had three prices (4 USD, 7 USD, 12 USD per packet, depending on species).

Freshly collected seeds (those seeds collected after October 2022) will be now priced at 5 USD or 8 USD per packet, and we will eliminate the 12 USD packets (instead those rare seeds will be sold with fewer seeds).

So just by seeing the price you will be able to tell if the seeds are from very recent collection.

We also plan to update our webpage, to correct some mistakes related to identification of plants, and increase the number of Chilean species by about 10 %.

Some Information about our Website...

To tell the truth, we have not done much for the development of our website for a long time, it was there, just sitting...

Despite that we were surprised to see a consistent traffic increase througout the years, and now we have close to 15.000 visitors per day, or 5.000.000 visitors per year, that is enormous traffic for a botany website.

Compared to 5 and 10 years ago, that is an increase of about 22% and 35 % respectively.

This shows that there is a growing interest in Chilean flora in the world, and we feel that we are obliged to do some improvements to our website, since chileflora is one of the most important websites dedicated to Chilean botany in terms of its reach in the world. Obviously, there are very specialized websites which have more scientific approach, but they are very limited in their scope.

Also, it is interesting to note that only 12-15 % of traffic comes from Chile.

Also, we will publish shortly some articles on Chilean flora; the first one will be about four new locations of Austrocactus philippi, which would increase the known locations from 3 to 7, and extend its habitat range by almost 100 km.


A random photo of Chilean Landscape


In order for you to get to know Chilean habitats...

Image of a Chilean landscape

The Crater

...we will present a new photograph of Chilean habitats and landscapes.

If you want to see more photographs of this type, please enter here.

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