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We organize specialized tours for plant watching, investigation, and seed collection all across Chile. We do not just bring you there, but we provide an all-inclusive service with a qualified multi-language guide with experience in botany and photography, GPS navigation, trekking, expedition organization, and off-road adventure style trips. For all of these tours the guide will carry a small library of books (20 - 30 books with photos) to help you identify the plants. The tours are designed in such a way as to combine the scenic aspects with plant watching.

Months Tour Name

September -November

Blooming desert and cacti-world.

This tour will present most of the facets of plant life of the Chilean desert, including such features as the coastal fog desert, where no rain ever falls, but the plants strive due to air humidity, forming even rainforests, the blooming desert, a phenomenon occurring in spring when the sparse rain forces, many cacti, including several of the famous Copiapoa species in their natural habitat, and the high-altitude Altiplano vegetation. Plus it offers an unforgettable experience of visiting the Salares, dried-out salt lakes...



November - December

Alpine plants of the north and cold rainforest of the south.



January - February

Alpine plants of central Chile and cold rainforest of the southern Chile

The Chilean summer is the best season to discover the hidden treasures of high-altitude endemic plant world and the lush cold rainforest of the extreme south. This tour will take you to breath-taking scenery of high-altitude Andes and the impenetrable forests close to the southern end of the world...


The tours are all-inclusive, lodging, food, transportation, entrance fees to National Parks, transfers.

Please note that the seed collection in national parks in Chile is strictly prohibited. Since most of our regular tour itineraries pass largely through national parks, the visitors are obviously not allowed to collect the seeds in those areas. However, for those visitors who are interested in samples of seeds from plants they would see on the trip, we offer a gift collection of seeds of about 100 species completely free of charge. Each gift seed sample contains 0.1 - 10 g. of seeds (about 100 - 200 seeds each). Alternatively we can organized specialized tours for seed collection. 

To get a feel of what you can expect on our tours (or if you want to try it on your own, which may be somewhat difficult, because many places are of difficult access), visit our locations description page (not yet available). In this section we will present a detailed description of individual locations you would visit, with trekking/driving route description, interesting plant species that can be observed, etc. 



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