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The following terms and conditions are binding to the customer and are accepted by the customer when the customer registers with Chileflora.


The seeds which form part of the present contract are intended for investigation purposes, scientific work, and for any work the objective of which is the preservation of biodiversity, including education and propagation of rare species, and for experimentation and private, non-profit hobby/gardening uses.

However, the customer, acting as distributor, may resell the purchased seeds provided that the aforementioned obligation and the prohibitions indicated in the subsequent paragraphs are imposed on the subsequent buyer. The customer may also reproduce and sell plants derived from these seeds, provided that the aforementioned obligation and the prohibitions indicated in the subsequent paragraphs are imposed on the subsequent buyer.


It is strictly prohibited to employ the obtained seeds for the purpose of genetic engineering or selection, obtaining new cultivars, improving existing cultivars, crossbreeding, etc. For execution of the aforementioned work special written permission must be solicited.

It is strictly prohibited to employ the seeds purchased under this contract for establishing commercial plantations the objective of which is to obtain any product from the plants, including but not limited to chemical products, edible fruits, timber, etc. For establishing of the aforementioned plantations special written permission must be solicited.

It is strictly forbidden to use plants obtained directly from the seeds purchased under the present contract or plants obtained as a result of genetic engineering or selection where the seeds purchased under the present contract were employed in any way for obtaining patents of any kind or for registering as new cultivars under any legislation.


The prices are expressed in four different currencies, USD, € (EUR), Yen, and Chilean Pesos. The exchange rates employed for calculating the price in the corresponding currency are updated from time to time and may not reflect the most current rate. The customer may select the currency, and the price shown for that currency will be the applicable price. The price does not include any taxes or customs duties which may be applicable to the customer in the destination country. The price does not include phytosanitary certificates and shipping.  The on-line shopping catalogue will give you an exact quote for shipping, but just to give you a rough estimate of the costs, see below:


There is no minimum order value. Costs for handling, packing and shipping are automatically calculated by the on-line shop of www.chileflora.com according to the total order weight, shipping modality (registered mail/courier), and destination country.

Sample Estimated Shipping and Handling Costs:

Regular Registered Mail to Europe and USA (takes at least two weeks, not longer than 1 month)
Weight USA, Latin America Europe, Canada, Asia
50 g. (40 g. net) (letter) 5 USD 5 USD
200 g. (150 g. net) 8 USD 8 USD
500 g. (400 g. net) 10 USD 12 USD
1 kg (800 g. net) 18 USD 20 USD
2 kg (1600 g. net) 30 USD 35 USD
5 kg (4.5 kg net) 45 USD 76 USD
10 kg (9 kg net) 98 USD 132 USD

Courier & Phytosanitary certificate (takes between 10 and 20 days):
Weight USA, Latin America Europe, Canada, Asia
1 kg (800 g. net) 72 USD 85 USD
2 kg (1600 g. net) 91 USD 106 USD
5 kg (4.5 kg net) 133 USD 186 USD
10 kg (9 kg net) 206 USD 255 USD

Due to the fact that Couriers must obtain the phytosanitary certificate at the Chilean airport, they are not much faster than the regular registered mail. We suggest that you use the courier only when you do require a phytosanitary certificate.

If you need a phytosanitary certificate, the shipping must be by courier. If you want the seeds to be shipped by courier, the phytosanitary certificate is required and its cost is included in shipping and handling.

We can not ship seeds by regular mail WITH phytosanitary certificate since it is obtained by the courier at the airport and we currently can not perform this operation directly.


www.chileflora.com accepts the following payment methods:

Paypal: All payments must be issued to the email michail@chileflora.com.

Western Union: All payments must be issued to Michail Belov, address: Hijuela #2, Lihueno, Pelarco, Talca, Chile.

Credit Cards: All payments will be processed through Paypal. www.chileflora.com does not directly process any credit cards.

Money (Wire) Transfer: All payments must be issued to:

Name:  Irina Lavruchin

Account number: 43500170477

Swift code: BECHCLRM

Bank: Banco del Estado de Chile

Bank address:  Chile, Talca, 1 Sur 971

For money transfers, all bank costs, including local as well as foreign costs for the bank transfer, have to be included in the payment. The local cost of the bank transfer in Chile is 20 USD. For orders smaller than 200 USD or its equivalent a surcharge of 20 USD MUST be added to the order by the customer.

Cash: The payments may be carried out in cash in Chile. www.chileflora.com does not recommend sending cash by mail. The time a letter may need to reach Chile varies according to the country of origin and is usually within a range of 16 to 25 days.   


All orders will be shipped within five working days after the receipt of the order AND of the corresponding payment, provided that the order is to be shipped by certified mail. Should the order require the issue of Phytosanitary Certificate and courier shipping, additional five working days will be required. Larger orders (orders with a total value over 100 USD) may be split in partial shipments.

Once the order is shipped, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer informing about the contents of the shipped order and the date of shipping.

The effective delivery times may vary according to the destination country and shipping modality and are beyond the control of www.chileflora.com. The usual time frame for registered mail is between 16 and 25 days. The usual time frame for Courier is between 10 and 20 days.


Regular Mail: No special shipping insurance is offered. However, in case that a shipment is lost for any reason (including those reasons which are beyond the control of www.chileflora.com, as is the case of the confiscation at the destination county’s customs), or partially destroyed in transit, www.chileflora.com will reship the same items again until the customer effectively receives them. The customer is required to inform www.chileflora.com about the non-delivery after 25 days since the receipt of the email confirming the shipment of the seeds. www.chileflora.com will verify the status of the shipment and will resend the seeds within five working days.

This internal guarantee does not apply to bulky seeds and for parcels heavier than 500 grams. For the bulky seeds/large parcels www.chileflora.com will offer only replacement seeds free of charge, but will not cover the shipping costs in case of a loss.

Courier: standard Courier policies apply which do cover lost items.

It is the obligation of the customer to obtain all necessary import permits and documentation required at the destination country.  

In case of US customers, the customer must provide in a timely manner import permit and/or small seeds lot import permit and the corresponding shipping labels to www.chileflora.com


www.chileflora.com does not accept any returns.

Should the customer be justifiably dissatisfied with any of the seeds sent by www.chileflora.com, he or she may send an email, stating the reasons. www.chileflora.com, after checking the complaint, will send replacement seeds or seeds of a different species.

Once the seeds are shipped, we can not accept returns, and any parcel returned to Chile will probably be retained by the Chilean customs and destroyed. On receipt of your order please verify the completeness and intact condition. If there are any items missing which were in the original order or if you feel that some item is not in the condition it should be (infestation, physical damage, disease), please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Please do not send back the items unless asked for it. For communication with us please take photos of the items which present problems and attach them to your message. We will do everything possible to solve the problem immediately to ensure complete satisfaction of the customer.

Germination Information. There is a Manual for Germinating Seeds of Chilean Plants available which will provide information on the germination.


In order to process the orders in a timely manner and to inform the customers about new products, www.chileflora.com will request personal data at the moment of registration. The customer may review this data at any time and can eliminate or modify this data by logging into his or her account by means of the e-mail and password used during the original registration.

www.chileflora.com may from time to time send emails informing customers about new products and features of www.chileflora.com. If the customer desires not to receive such correspondence, he or she may log into the account and block sending of the correspondence.

www.chileflora.com will not disclose any data to third parties, except if required to do so by law. No financial information (credit card data) is stored on www.chileflora.com server, and all payments are processed externally by Paypal.

www.chileflora.com does not hold any liability for subsequent losses arising from partial or complete failure of any material supplied. www.chileflora.com will be liable only up to the total order value as specified in the invoice.


The place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Talca, Chile. Only Chilean law is applicable.